A movie shoot live with great images


A film is always a meeting between varied people, especially one that wears ropa Bogota. One always wishes that very good vibes has to enjoy it more and work at home, and this shooting was undoubtedly one of the best. All were aware that there was much to be done and so the production company Videomedia, as its director Tito López, we were going to demand the best of each one of us. Luckily, good manners and the love for this work made this something feasible and fun purpose.

I show you the more “locuelas” photos that I have. As you can see, the hours of hairdressing were long because the hairstyle of my beloved Queen Sofia has fabric. Paula, of www.suarezluna.com, and her magic hands managed the famous Cap remain great after a good while of dryer and long roller.

The cachondeo that occurred between the fun Fernando Gil, my beloved Juanki, and the great make-up artist Elena Cuevas was also to die laughing every day. Especially those days in which fatigue was extreme and one gives you this loose, so silly laughter that makes you go back to the age of the Turkey and everything is cause for joke. Aish…! What nostalgia is entering me to writing this.

Handsome, I echo menoooos and thank you! for photos, Elena

Fortunately, we are all very professional and as soon as we entered the set we’ve butt.

I also put a picture of my shooting fashion look, hehehe. This tutu used by my friends at LookArt for the precious dresses from the 1950s was wonderful with my Adidas jersey and my inseparable boots UGGS, indispensable for any filming of winter.

A running live at cosmopolitan.com.es

And again how is it Curran boys production and direction so that rain does not spoil the looks of pity is not them! A round of applause from here to all of them and all the helpers because without them this would be impossible.

In the end, almost three months of travel to Portugal, Cadiz, Toledo and El escorial. Coexistence and many memorable moments that you will find the series eventually culmination day which is brand new and we can see the result of our efforts and illusions on ropa en Bogota Colombia. That day I invite you with all equipment, you will share the magic of cinema and sit you on your sofa watching TV to give us your attention and give the true meaning to all this: get to you, the viewers.

Ten signs to identify whether a relationship is based on sex or photography

These tracks will help you assess whether your relationship boils down to what happens in bed with or without sexy nackte Frauen .

Sometimes it is convenient to distinguish love from sex. When a relationship starts with the physical terrain and stays there for a long time, the loving effects can be problematic.

If they went to bed the first time they left, or were friends that suddenly they had sex and they continue to be in a casual way, there comes a time in which the lands and rights are confused.

Here are 10 signs that point to a relationship dominated by the carnal element:

1. whenever they are, they have sex.

2 by phone calls are usually after 9 p.m., in any case always at night, and are only seen at night.

3. do not go together. They are at home, in her or in a hotel.

4. do not share personal stories, they do not know his friends or his family. There is also evident signs of affection or details or compromising gifts.

5. do not are interested in knowing their lives beyond the trivial and friendly talks.

6. any conversation has sexual connotations or seeks to end up in a meeting of this nature.

7. no one gets to sleep or, if they do, they are separated with the first ray of the Sun.

8. There are alcohol from through. If you always see were taken from a wine up to a bottle of rum. In the best cases, they found once every one has taken.

9 they jump from the bed as soon as they end. Either that one goal to swim or you need to go to your House, don’t spend time together after sex.

10 avoid calls to other topics, not have been added in social networks or make plans that involve public.

Are condemned to fail?

In love there are no rules. But a relationship based on sex is often not sustainable if not be clear what you want beforehand.

Than usual is that this kind of behaviour that sprout the feelings of one side or another and that eventually one of the two seek something else. If there is a one-sided attraction beyond the sexual it should make aside in time and protect themselves.

However, in this area there is no last word: If there are claims love nor jealousy or the desire to engage slip, ‘friendly sex’ can be successful next to nackte Frau auf Motorrad.

How to enrich our photographic repertoire

When we begin to delve into the world of photography, there are some exercises that should be part of our routine to expand the range of our photographic repertoire.
One of the secrets to become a great photographer is without a doubt the see pictures every day. Looking for the ones you like, give bookmarks on social networks like 500px or save them in your folder “Photos that inspire me” on Pinterest. Will be unconsciously training our vision when be situation decide framing, points of view and moments that capture, that without realizing, will influence us those pictures that we have seen before in magazines, books or the internet.
Also see much film can influence our way of photographing. Films such as “Baraka” can give us important lessons in composition.
So you centres not only in making thousands of photographs to enhance your way of showing the world, open to see the works of other photographers, like the ones at escorts Bogota DC, and learn from those who have become very high. They also began to make pictures from scratch.

History of photography in Colombia

Photography in Colombia went from being a luxury pastime and a novel technical tool which many Colombian artists earned at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th, to become new language that not only photographers, but also the artists that make it a valuable means of expression used”.
In that period the modalities that had arisen with the beginnings of photography reached a high level of development; specialized photographers and transformed the arguments which they approached conceptually different areas.” (Museo Nacional de Colombia, exhibition “the roll is over”, 2005). Also check out some photos of gorgeous mujeres prepagos Bogota right here.
Colombians of the 19th century were attentive to receive the world‘s best of its technological developments to put them to the test in the national daily. The history of photography in Colombia more than technical progress shows the way in which the camera was appropriate and used for journalism, Commerce and art. From 1840 to the present day, the photographic image has attracted interest for artists and their audiences. The national landscape, the characters of public life, the development of cities and life in the camps have gone through the lenses. Some revealing pictures, other moving and even controversies are part of the graphics memory of the country.